Garage Sales are a Way of Life

garage sale

For a bulk of us, the garage sale is part of the North American way of life.

You can find slow-moving cars circling suburban neighborhoods on week mornings in the hunt for treasures and a bargain. It can be anything from baby toys, Panini makers, auto parts and vintage furniture that have been living in the attic for umpteen years.


For most homeowners, the purpose of a yard sale is to clear clutter and score some cash, but it helps to have a road map by getting organized before you embark on this endeavor. By getting yourself organized beforehand, you can actually make more money and reduce your stress level substantially.


A yard sale shouldn’t be thought of as junk, but rather inventory living right under your nose. However, the first step to a successful yard is to find the catalogue of merchandise that will bring you the best chance of having a successful day of buying visitors. You can do this by starting scouring your closets, cupboards, bookcases, basement and attic for items considered yard sale worthy.


If you’re baffled about what to look for throughout the house, many seasoned yard sale sellers ask these questions: When was the last time I cooked with it, wore it, displayed it, used it or read it within the past year. If you can honestly answer these questions and remember your goal is to de-clutter and make room in your home for only the things that you love and cherish, you’re on your way.


You can even bribe family member to contribute bye sweetening the deal with a percentage of the profits. Kids are much more amenable to parting with outgrown toys or husbands with the forgetting golf clubs if there’s something in it for them, such as cold, hard cash.


You should also consider finding another clutter buddy like yourself. Invite a friend to stage a yard sale with you since a two-team yard sale will have more inventory and get twice the traffic for half the trouble.


It’s a good idea to have a room available in your house to assess, clean and price your inventory.  You may even want to pick up a supply of storage boxes and lids at a local office supply store to contain and sort your growing stash of sale items. This is where you must be ruthless with no mercy or remorse when you’re going through these items.  Remember, you’re de-cluttering, so don’t let your emotions hold you hostage.


Once all of the sorting and pricing is done, set your date and advertise in your local paper or online site for garage sales in your area.  When the day arrives, have fun greeting visitors and revel in the fact that you have achieved your objective and made a few bucks along the way!


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