Crosa Collection Ceramic Floor Lamp Table!

New Listing:

If you’ve ever wanted to own a genuine Crosa Collection specialty piece of beautiful ceramic art-work, now is your chance.  We are offering a spectacular Crosa Collection Victorian Maiden and Swan figurine floor-lamp-table with frosted, fluted lights and beveled glass top in mint condition.  This remarkably designed ceramic statuette with her adoring, open winged swan is exquisite both in its detail and colour tones. The beveled glass sits atop the steel mount of the Victorian Maiden and comes with a floor switch for ease of turning on or off. The two frosted and patterned fluted lights cast a romantic glow for an overall stunning effect when illuminated. The tables measures 28 in. high and 15 ¾ in. circular (perimeter of the glass top). This elegant, extremely rare and unique Crosa Collection Ceramic Floor Lamp Table is being offered at $100.00.

IMG_9073 IMG_9076 IMG_9077 IMG_9080 IMG_9081 IMG_9084 IMG_9086 IMG_9087








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Vintage, Hand Painted Jewelry Stand

New Listing:

This gorgeous, hand painted, vintage jewelry stand is in exceptional condition.  The unusual, boutique piece has a hand painted floral design that is beautiful. The four, gracefully curved legs add to its charm and the 3 drawers are fully lined to protect your precious jewelry pieces. The stand measures 28 in. high and 15 ¾ in. around. This lovely specialty, vintage furniture stand is a wonderful addition for anyone looking for something unique to add to their bedroom décor. $100


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Can the Millennial Generation be Inspired to Buy Vintage?


It goes without saying that I love vintage furnishings. The pieces that I search out for my home make a definitive statement that I’m into individuality and like being unique.  The same holds true for the pieces that we sell on our website for our clients who are searching  for something special, different and out of the ordinary.

Companies like Ikea have made new furniture accessible to the millennial generation, but vintage furniture can be a more sustainable alternative for this disposable breed. A new (made in China) chest of drawers has a carbon footprint 16 times higher than the antique equivalent per year, according to research commissioned by the International Antiques and Collectors Fairs (IACF).

That’s a startling and frightening figure and especially notable because young couples starting out tend to buy cheaply at first and replace things as they wear out or when they want a change of style. However, the cheap and ready availability of furniture from the likes of companies like Ikea means that people are throwing away furniture at an alarming rate. Government figures show that 10 million items of furniture are thrown out every year in the UK alone.


Conversely, there is a sustainable alternative to cheap furniture and,  “As an industry we need to get together and reach out to young green-minded people who have never thought of buying antiques”, says Will Thomas of Love Antiques. “We need to get the message across that antiques don’t depreciate like high-street furniture. So when you no longer love an item, you can sell it at the original price or at a profit and it won’t end up in a landfill site”.

Paul von der Heyde, chairman of the British Furniture Confederation, believes there will always be a strong demand for new furniture. “We can’t function without it, and the days of people wanting furniture for life are over. On the other hand, because furniture is thought of as a fashion statement, people grow bored with the look of disposable and want their homes to look different. They would rather seek out vintage furniture that offers personality.


Whether you’re from the Baby Boomer generation or foothold taking place with the Millennial’s, people who buy vintage furniture value the past, skills and craftsmanship that have gone into something to cherish. Vintage furniture not only adds beauty and uniqueness to your home because the pieces have a history, they have a story to tell and they get to live another life. Mostly importantly they’ve been saved from making a trip to the dump.


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How to Restore the Beauty of Mahogany Furniture


Mahogany is one of my favorite woods with its deep, rich auburn tone and fine-lined grain.  It’s not only expensive yet beautiful wood, but mahogany furniture is a valuable piece of furniture if you’re lucky enough to own one. Unless you have you piece located in a seldom-used formal living room, this wood can take a lot of abuse. Wet glasses leave rings, plus scratches, dents and divots may occur from everyday use, and then there is the normal wear and tear to the edges of this beautiful furniture.

Many superficial damages are easy to fix and should be taken care of immediately. However, if you’re fortunate enough to acquire a well-used piece of mahogany furniture, you may need to refurbish it completely. If you’re the handy-person type and feel comfortable with refinishing furniture, here are some guidelines for a few of the tools and supplies that you’ll need to get it looking like new again. Most importantly, patience is the name of the game when tackling a mahogany restoration project.


You can pick up these supplies at any local hardware or big box store, such as mild dish detergent or Murphy’s Oil Soap. You will also need denatured alcohol, touch-up markers, wax sticks, 0000 steel wool, 600-grit sandpaper, paste wax, and clean rags. If you plan on stripping and re-staining the furniture, add chemical stripper, scraper, steel wool, and stain.

Repairing Scratches, Chips, and Water Stains:

You should clean the furniture first before beginning repairs. You want to remove all of the oil, grease, wax, or polish buildups. Once cleaned, you should repair the water rings first, then the minor scratches in the surface or deeper scratches and finally any visible nicks or dings.

Water Stains:

To get rid of the white water rings that appear, wipe them with denatured alcohol to remove them, but be careful in doing this because too much alcohol can dull the finish. If this does happen by mistake, rub the area with super-fine 0000 steel wool pad and paste wax to restore the sheen.

Shallow Scratches and Worn Edges:

Felt-tip markers are ideal for these problems, and they come in a variety of wood tones to match any project. You can colour in scratches and edges where the stain has worn away, making sure to use them only on damaged areas. When you’re finished, apply a coat of paste wax over the areas as well as adjacent surfaces to make sure the shine is even.

Shallow Chips:IMG_8878

If the clear finish has been chipped but the underlying colour is unharmed, use a few drops of clear nail polish to fill the chipped area. After the polish is completely dry, sand it with 600-grit sandpaper until it is flush and apply paste wax to bring back the shine.

Deep Scratches, Nicks, and Dings:

A deep scratch or gouge can be repaired and smoothed out by lightly sanding with 600-grit sandpaper. Next, rub wax over the scratch or ding using a wax stick until it is overfilled. Remove the excess wax with the edge of a credit card so that its level. Apply paste wax over the repair and polish until it shines.


Refinishing Mahogany Furniture:

In the event that you need to strip and refinish the mahogany, apply a chemical stripper to the area to be refinished. Follow the directions for amount of time to leave on for lifting the old residue and then use a scraper to remove the softened stain. You can also use steel wool to remove the stain from round edges and difficult to reach spots. Follow this up with a chemical cleaner and thoroughly wipe down. Check the piece for any other imperfections and repair as required.


For best results, use an oil-based stain to provide superior protection over time.  Follow the instructions for applications using a cheese cloth, rag or brush in thin, even coats. Be sure to let each coat of stain to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. The last step in the process is to apply a varnish with a soft brush following the manufacturer’s instructions and allow it to dry.


After completing all of these steps, you will have a piece of furniture that is not only a thing of beauty, but a treasured piece of heritage that has been given the opportunity to live another life.



Vintage Solid Walnut Scallop Table

New Listing:

This gorgeous, solid walnut table with a February 1, 1970 & serial #1698 date stamped on the bottom is a true find in exceptional condition.  The exquisite, scallop top design has a beautiful walnut sheen and the four pedestal legs supporting this “substantial” piece are in perfect condition.  The table has a front drawer with original hardware and measures 27 in. circular and 26 ½ in. high. This is an elegant table ideal for an entryway or foyer with a huge bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece or anyplace else worthy of such a lovely, vintage addition to your home décor. $175










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Greatest Buried Treasure Ever Found!

I recently visited family in West Palm Beach, a beautiful stretch of  seafront properties that’s always swarming with people strolling along the beach. Several of these residents and visitors alike walk leisurely down the long pristine coastline that’s dotted with condos as far as the eye can see.

I noticed an elderly gent who was taking slow strides and thought mobility was causing this less than vigorous trek when I realized he was holding something that hovered over the sand. Low and behold, it was a metal detector that he was using for hunting lost treasure.

I mention this little story because I found this great, short video that proves that walking along the beach can indeed turn up some fabulous finds like the one this couple discovered when walking their dog along a beach in California.  You just never know.



15 Garage Sale Items That Sold for Millions


When you go out to garage sales in search of a bargain, do you ever think that maybe one day you’ll discover that incredible find that will make you rich? Well, these garage sale hunters did just that and discovered unbelievable items that were worth a fortune!  Here is a great video for you to watch that I hope will inspire you to keep looking for that pot of gold in the most unlikely place, the neighborhood garage sale.

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