For the Love of “Gold”


Throughout the history of human civilization, we’ve had a fascination with the beauty and power that gold holds. In one form or another, we are inextricably tied to gold with the pursuit of the yellow metal shaping entire civilizations over time. Not only are we drawn to the allure of its sparkling splendour, but we also depend on its utility to create things that shape the way we live.

For all its perceived value, it’s not a commodity that you can eat nor drink, and gold cannot sustain life, yet, we identify with it as an instrument of value that can be exchanged for the substances of life and the luxuries we desire.

Our fascination with gold extends beyond our love of its beauty or a symbol of décor. We consider it a powerful resource to be accumulated as a measure of wealth and stored as a hedge against the collapse of international monetary systems.


VINTAGE-RETRO-PAIR-ITALIAN-GOLD-STATUES-GIRLGold has been the anchor for most financial systems since the beginning of time. However, for many who possess gold, they soon discover that there is not a lasting contentment from owning it because lust and greed are often the driving force behind the relentless pursuit of this incredible treasure. For many pursuers of the valued prize, one can never have “enough” and want “just a bit more.

From the gold of Biblical times to its present-day role in the economy of most large nations, gold has retained its attractiveness and value.

Although many countries have moved away from the gold standard as the base of their currency in the 21st century, some of these same nations are secretly accumulating vast amounts of the gold to ensure their ultimate financial survival. They are attempting to protect their interests as the world continues to degenerate into chaos and uncertainty.untitled

Of all of the commodities that we consider having worth, from soy to silver, gold has the remarkable ability to endure as a substance that can be deployed in a certain form. It can outlast the lifespan of the object in which it has been deployed, as well as those who fashioned it. Once it has lost its utility in its current form, gold can be melted, recycled and refashioned into another form for another purpose.

Since gold doesn’t deteriorate, any processed piece of gold can have a fascinating history behind it, which heightens our desire for it. From its discovery in the gold mines, gold’s ultimate destiny is unknown, but the one thing certain is that once a miner finds a piece of gold, its history has only just begun from a human point of view.



While gold can be fashioned into almost any shape and form, many find it the most beautiful in its natural form, and just like a snowflake, each piece of gold is unique. Unfortunately, most large gold nuggets discovered over the centuries have been melted into various articles perceived by its owner. It is for this very reason a gold nugget can easily sell for a premium more than its melt value.

So, will the gold artifact that you possess remain in your possession and the story of its history be passed along to others, or will it be melted into oblivion? Regardless, gold will last far beyond your lifetime and continue to be a bearer of beauty and value. Our fascination with gold and the power it holds will continue to be sought into eternity.

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