Can the Millennial Generation be Inspired to Buy Vintage?


It goes without saying that I love vintage furnishings. The pieces that I search out for my home make a definitive statement that I’m into individuality and like being unique.  The same holds true for the pieces that we sell on our website for our clients who are searching  for something special, different and out of the ordinary.

Companies like Ikea have made new furniture accessible to the millennial generation, but vintage furniture can be a more sustainable alternative for this disposable breed. A new (made in China) chest of drawers has a carbon footprint 16 times higher than the antique equivalent per year, according to research commissioned by the International Antiques and Collectors Fairs (IACF).

That’s a startling and frightening figure and especially notable because young couples starting out tend to buy cheaply at first and replace things as they wear out or when they want a change of style. However, the cheap and ready availability of furniture from the likes of companies like Ikea means that people are throwing away furniture at an alarming rate. Government figures show that 10 million items of furniture are thrown out every year in the UK alone.


Conversely, there is a sustainable alternative to cheap furniture and,  “As an industry we need to get together and reach out to young green-minded people who have never thought of buying antiques”, says Will Thomas of Love Antiques. “We need to get the message across that antiques don’t depreciate like high-street furniture. So when you no longer love an item, you can sell it at the original price or at a profit and it won’t end up in a landfill site”.

Paul von der Heyde, chairman of the British Furniture Confederation, believes there will always be a strong demand for new furniture. “We can’t function without it, and the days of people wanting furniture for life are over. On the other hand, because furniture is thought of as a fashion statement, people grow bored with the look of disposable and want their homes to look different. They would rather seek out vintage furniture that offers personality.


Whether you’re from the Baby Boomer generation or foothold taking place with the Millennial’s, people who buy vintage furniture value the past, skills and craftsmanship that have gone into something to cherish. Vintage furniture not only adds beauty and uniqueness to your home because the pieces have a history, they have a story to tell and they get to live another life. Mostly importantly they’ve been saved from making a trip to the dump.


Visit our “items for sale page” to view some of the beautiful vintage pieces that we have listed for sale.

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