Stunning Vintage Queen Bedroom Suite!

New Listing:

If you love vintage, this queen bedroom suite is sure to please. This stunning suite is high-quality solid wood construction with beautiful veneer overlays manufactured by A&P industries, Quebec. Since 1950, A&P has been renowned for high-quality furniture collections of impeccable style and attention to detail for lasting construction and design.

This suite is estimated to be approximately 50+ years and comes with a queen headboard, wardrobe, dresser, 2 mirrors and two night tables. The wardrobe measures 38 in. wide, 66 in. high and 17 ½ in. deep. The headboard measures 62 ½ wide and 49 ½ high. The dresser measures 74 in. wide, 31 ½ high and 17 ½ deep. The end tables measure 19 ¼ wide 23 ¼ high and 17 ½ deep.  The suite has all original hardware.

The dresser and night tables need a bit of refinishing, but the headboard, mirrors and the wardrobe are in great condition considering its age.  This set is for someone looking for a truly unique, vintage suite as a showpiece for their bedroom. Fantastic at $225 for everything, a truly rare find.

*There is also a metal frame available if you would like it as part of the set (no charge)

To view this and other items for sale, visit our items for sale page.



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