Canadian Legacy Solid Cherry Gibbard Collection!

New Listing:

Offering four stunning, matching pieces of the Canadian Legacy Solid Cherry Gibbard collection in exceptional condition. This gorgeous, solid cherry grouping includes a two piece hutch, side buffet and matching oval table. Gibbard is renowned for their exceptional workmanship, highest quality of design and always in demand. This beautifully crafted collection comes with the Gibbard certificate of authenticity.  The hutch measures 53 ½ in wide, 71 in. high and 21 in. deep. The side buffet measures 36 ½ in. wide, 32 ½ in. high and 19 ½ in. deep. The table measures 53 ½ in. long, 37 ½ in. wide and 30 ½ in. high and comes with two additional 12 in. wide leaves.  $450

To view this and other items for sale, visit our items for sale page.

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