Vintage Solid Walnut Cigar Table!

New Listing:

A unique, vintage, solid walnut cigar table in excellent condition.  This nostalgic, vintage piece is a side table with lower slot for magazines, newspapers, books, etc and a hidden drawer that can be pulled out with installed ashtray and holders for cigars/cigarettes. The walnut finish has a deep, rich hue tone that adds to its good looks. It measures 26 in. wide, 12 ½ in. deep and 24 in. high. A great conversation piece for owners of beautiful vintage furniture. $85

2 thoughts on “Vintage Solid Walnut Cigar Table!

    1. Hi Carol,
      We keep our merchandise in a secure storage facility on millennium parkway near Lowe’s in Belleville.

      All of our merchandise is on a first come basis.

      For out of town buyers we will accept etransfer deposits until they can come here for pickup.

      What would you like to do?



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