Vintage Solid Walnut Cigar Table!

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A unique, vintage, solid walnut cigar table in excellent condition.  This nostalgic, vintage piece is a side table with lower slot for magazines, newspapers, books, etc and a hidden drawer that can be pulled out with installed ashtray and holders for cigars/cigarettes. The walnut finish has a deep, rich hue tone that adds to its good looks. It measures 26 in. wide, 12 ½ in. deep and 24 in. high. A great conversation piece for owners of beautiful vintage furniture. $85

Classic French Provincial Dining Set

New Listing:

This stunning classic French provincial dining set is in mint condition.  The table has the classic, scalloped, French curved design with detailed scroll patterns along the curvature of the table and elegant design of the legs.  There are three standard and one captain, beautifully upholstered chairs, all with a distinctive open back design.  The table and chairs has a sateen finish that is rich and luminous. There is a matching leaf for extending the table.  The table measures 59 in. wide, 39 in. deep and 30 in. high.  There is a 12 in. leaf.  The chairs measure 17 in. wide, 17 in. deep and 37 in. high. This is a beautiful set and lovely addition to any home décor. $225


Chocolate Hardwood Country Chairs

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A set of four, oversized, chocolate hardwood country chairs in near-perfect condition. There are three regular chairs and one captain, all with a spindle and knob designed finished in a rich chocolate sateen finish that is stunning. These sturdy hardwood country style chairs are ideal for either a country kitchen or dining table.  The chairs measure 17 ½ in. wide, 17 ½  in. deep and 38 in. high. A perfect addition to any country décor. $90

Vintage Solid Walnut Caramel Sideboard

New Listing:

This stunning, vintage, caramel toned, solid walnut sideboard with veneer overlays is in mint condition. The gorgeous sideboard has an elegant scroll design on the top with a spindle leg design in the front for distinctive beauty with two veneer overlays on the cabinet portions.  This gorgeous sideboard has two side cabinets and two drawers for storage and comes with original hardware. The walnut caramel satin finish is striking. It measures 60 in. wide, 20 in. deep and 38 ½ in. high. A beautiful addition to any home décor.  $400

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What is an Antique?

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For anyone who browses specialty shops on the hunt for antiques, the age old question that always seems to crop up is “What exactly is an antique?”

As simple as the question might seem, this query appears to have many answers.

It’s sometimes a revelation that a shopper might be standing side by side with ancient-looking piece of furniture or old-fashioned china, but the same browser may also find ruffled pink glass no older than then their own years.


The question of a true antique is a problem that bewilders not only buyers, but plenty of dealers, too.

So, what exactly is the history of determining what classifies as an antique? It all began in 1930 when the U.S. Government passed a rule stating that objects had to be at least 100 years old to be classified as an antique. This ruling was done as a legislative tax decision so that items could be admitted duty free into the U.S. Since that time however, the rule of thumb amongst collectors and auctioneers is that an antique is defined as objects made before 1830.


As far as Europe is concerned with its long dated history, items that date back before 1830 seem quite young, while in contrast with a classic Roman sculpture, an 18th-century chair is downright modern.

In the U.S., for example, and in comparison to Europe, the oldest American antiques are only 300 years old with the exception of Indian relics and a few Spanish buildings in the Southwest. Not very old in the big scheme of things is it?

Antiques can get pretty confusing for Americans as they experience the same contrasts in their shops. To a steadfast New Englander who if very knowledgeable of pine furniture from the Pilgrim days, a Victorian sofa doesn’t seem antique. On the flip side though, for someone from Nebraska or Oregon, the same sofa seems like an antique because it represents the earliest furnishings in that particular region.


Thus, the age of antiques seems to vary dramatically in relationship to region and not necessarily to the actual age of the item. This brings us back to the original question of “What is an antique?” since it seems to change from region to region and one part of the world to another. The best way to resolve the confusion is the assertion that an antique is what the collector knows or perceives it to be and nothing more in order to to satisfy the buying public.

Vintage “Vilas” Hard Rock Colonial Maple Hutch

New Listing:

Made in Quebec by Vilas Furniture in the 1950s & 1960s, this gorgeous vintage “Vilas” hard rock colonial maple hutch is in pristine condition. This stunning hutch is both classic and timeless in its colonial country design with a satin-luster, ember-glow finish. The hutch has a panelled look on the back and grooved inclusions on the top three tiers for displaying dishes. There is a glass shelving compartment, a center drawer with the Vilas seal and a bottom cabinet for additional storage. All original hardware, this unit measures 42 in. wide, 18 in. deep and 75 in. high. This exquisite piece of Canadian heritage will be a welcomed addition to any home décor for years to come. A fabulous find! $350

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Vintage Solid Walnut Serving Table

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This beautiful, vintage solid walnut serving table is in mint condition. The table’s base has a stunning ornate design with curved legs and a warm, rich sheen on the table’s veneer top. The table also has a glass mounted, distinctive serving tray for entertaining.  This lovely vintage piece measures 29 ½ wide, 19 ½ deep and 20 in high.  For anyone who loves vintage, this piece is sure to please and great addition to your home décor.  $145

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